Eric / 23 / MONTRÉAL

I feel your arms around me, but not the heat.

Montreal, I love you, but one day I’m going to leave you far behind me.
This step of my life is nearly over and done with.
Bring me to Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, wherever you may…
I’m just ready for something bigger and better.

I’m nearly 24 and my five and a half years here have made me grow.
I’m not 18 anymore, and I’m no longer emotionally stimulated by living here.
Well, maybe I am, but only in ways of torture.

Om du visste vad det var, varför sa du inget?
Jag tror du visste vad det var, men du sa ju inget
Du bara låtsas som det regnar
Du låtsas som det regnar
Du bara låtsas som det regnar
Du låtsas som det regnar

I imagine what my body would sound like slamming against those rocks. And will it lands.. will my eyes be closed or open? 
I go through all this before you wake up..
So I can feel happier to be safe again with you








up & down / down & up

Europe 2014 was a milestone in my life.
Since my return nearly two months ago, however, I’ve felt like my life was spinning out of control. Financially things have become a lot more restricted since I’m back to living on my own. Going to university in Canada is also a lot different than Germany… Here I have constant assignments, presentations, and exams. And work.. let’s not go there.. I want more hours to have more money, but it’s almost impossible to ask for more while being a full-time student, friend, son, and boyfriend. I started to feel out of place, defeated, discouraged, lost.

Finally though, I can say that I’m starting to feel back on track. My bills and tuition are paid. I’m on top of my school work (it’s all a matter of time management!), and I am starting to plan out my future goals.

Swimming around my head right now:
1) AHHHH I finish my BA Degree so soon!
2) Maybe I’ll have an extended temporary move to Toronto in 2015?
3) MUST APPLY for scholarships.. DAAD…
4) Freie Universität Berlin 2015-2017?
5) Edmonton and helping my mom.

ahhh this song is everything i feel right now.. 


We got a long way to go, but we got the energy

Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove 
Dance me to the end of love